A Brief Message RE: Monthly Recap Hiatus


Hey folks! Lyzette here. I’m going to make this relatively quick but basically, as the title notes, there’s going to be a bit of a delay with my monthly recap post. Essentially, there are a bunch of new and invigorating things going on in my life for which I’m so happy. I genuinely feel that a new stage in my life has begun, and I’m really excited for whatever is bound to cross my path in the near to distant future.

As a result, however, a lot of my free time has been eaten up. I have had relatively few viewings in the month of June, and have also had very little time to type up a worthwhile recap post. Since we are now a week into July, I have decided to condense both the June and July recaps into one large post. I’ll try to make this post a bit longer to make up for this, but there will be no promises. It’ll be the same format as my previous recap posts; just twice as long, more or less.

As I stated on a previous post, I plan on starting something on this blog soon that will get me writing more on things I love about the movies. Ideally, I want to always have something in my post drafts that I am actively working hard on. I want to write more on some of my favorite movies of all time, ideally giving more of a personality to this blog that, realistically, is a little bit bland and sad. I’ve been hard at work on things outside of this blog and movies in general, but once things are set into place a bit more, I’ll use this more as an actively engaging hobby. My peak number of views came this past January and have been steadily going downhill ever since. I need to rack up more activity again!

Since I actually have time tonight, I’ll probably start working on something. I’m hoping to avoid falling into one of my lazy spells again – that would be bad! Anyway, I’ll end this post here. ‘Til next time!

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