September/October Recap… and the Future Format of Films Like Dreams!


Hey folks! And Happy November! My favorite season of the year is just around the corner, things are going wonderfully in my life, and I’m feeling all the more motivated to work on this blog a little bit more. Thankfully, my annual October-long viewing of horror movies helped me keep it active, especially since I gave myself the goal to review every horror film I watched.

However, there is some unfinished business I need to get around to. Mainly, my very busy September has made it so I never really got around to completing my monthly recap post for that month. This blog post, therefore, is intent on announcing my depletion of that format. From now on (or at least for an indefinite amount of time), I won’t be writing mini-reviews for the stand-out films I watch each month. Rather, I will keep recap posts relatively short, only making a full list of what I watched and perhaps some short thoughts on some of my favorites/least favorites.

Also, I won’t be making a list of the movies I watched organized by decade. I felt that it was rendered pretty useless, since I’ve rarely watched any films this year that were older than 40-50 years.

So without further ado, here’s what I watched in September. As always, asterisks indicate rewatches.

  1. Just One of the Guys (Gottlieb, 1985)
  2. Eddie Murphy: Raw (Townsend, 1987)
  3. Barbarella (Vadim, 1968)
  4. Room 237 (Ascher, 2013)
  5. Love is Strange (Sachs, 2014)
  6. Entrance (Hallam & Horvath, 2012)
  7. Miss Representation (Newsom, 2011)
  8. Holes (Davis, 2003)*
  9. Hoodwinked! (Leech & Edwards, 2005)
  10. The Big Doll House (Hill, 1971)
  11. Gigli (Brest, 2003)
  12. In Bruges (McDonagh, 2008)
  13. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (Cameron & Pearn, 2013)
  14. The Baby (Post, 1973)
  15. Bullitt (Yates, 1968)
  16. The Cake Eaters (Masterson, 2007)
  17. Hoop Dreams (James, 1994)
  18. Death of a Salesman (Schlöndorff, 1985)
  19. A Room With a View (Ivory, 1985)
  20. Dreamscape (Ruben, 1984)
  21. I Know That Voice (Shapiro, 2013)*
  22. Wetlands (Wnendt, 2014)
  23. Akeelah and the Bee (Atchison, 2006)
  24. American Ninja (Firstenberg, 1985)
  25. Dead Man Walking (Robbins, 1995)
  26. Magic in the Moonlight (Allen, 2014)
  27. Fatal Attraction (Lyne, 1987)
  28. The Hunger Games (Ross, 2012)

And now for October. For this list, I included links to the October Horror Party reviews that I wrote for each pertaining film.

  1. Flubber (Mayfield, 1997)
  2. The Lords of Salem (Zombie, 2013)
  3. Friday the 13th (Cunningham, 1980)
  4. Hellraiser (Barker, 1987)
  5. I tre volti della paura (Black Sabbath) (Bava, 1963)
  6. Videodrome (Cronenberg, 1983)*
  7. Day of the Dead (Romero, 1985)
  8. Pride (Warchus, 2014)
  9. Men, Women & Children (Reitman, 2014)
  10. Blood Diner (Kong, 1987)
  11. The Town That Dreaded Sundown (Pierce, 1976)
  12. You’re Next (Wingard, 2013)
  13. May (McKee, 2002)
  14. Trolljegeren (Troll Hunter) (Øvredal, 2010)
  15. The Blair Witch Project (Sánchez & Myrick, 1999)*
  16. In The Loop (Iannucci, 2009)*
  17. Død snø (Dead Snow) (Wirkola, 2009)
  18. Drag Me To Hell (Raimi, 2009)
  19. Aliens (Cameron, 1986)
  20. Sabata (Parolini, 1969)
  21. Dear White People (Simien, 2014)
  22. Birdman (Iñárittu, 2014)
  23. Citizenfour (Poitras, 2014)
  24. Misery (Reiner, 1990)
  25. Ginger Snaps (Fawcett, 2000)
  26. Hausu (House) (Obayashi, 1977)*
  27. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Selick, 1993)***

Total films watched in September + October: 55

New-to-me: 48
Rewatch: 7

Total watched in 2014: 585
Total new-to-me in 2014: 503

Cool! Despite the fact that I’ve been losing steam lately, I still managed to make 500 new-to-me films by the end of the year. Also, even though it’s no longer October anymore, I still really want to write about the last four movies I watched for my Horror Party, so expect those reviews to come up soon. (I’ll also edit this post later so that every review is eventually linked)


Which brings me to my next point, that regarding the new changes for this blog. I believe I mentioned this earlier – in my Lords of Salem review – but I plan to have this blog mainly focused on a series of monthly themes. These themes could be focused on a number of genres, traditions, facets, or anything else I feel I’d want to watch and write about. The theme for November – as you may have already guessed – is Disney and Disney-related movies! I want to focus more on new viewings, rather than things I’ve seen a bunch of times before; while I’ll still be rewatching a few personal favorites, I also want to dig out some of the deeper cuts from the studio. So, it’s just as likely that I’ll be watching/reviewing Mary Poppins or The Lion King here as it is I’ll be doing Halloweentown, That Darn Cat!Popeye, African Cats… you get the picture.

I’ll leave it here for now. As always, thanks for reading! Keep your eyes peeled for some Disney reviews, as well as some leftover reviews from the Horror Party.

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