Films Like Dreams Turns Two Years!


I am happy to note that today marks the two-year anniversary of my very first post on this blog. I’ve watched so many new, interesting films these past twelve months and I’m happy to have had the chance to share my thoughts with you. While I haven’t been as consistent with posting as I had planned on being (sound familiar?), I think that the mere fact that this site is still being updated somewhat regularly and not just collecting dust in the crevices of the blogosphere is something to be proud of alone. Believe me, in relation to the past couple times I’ve tried my hand at this whole blogging thing, this attempt has been the most successful.

Moreover, this past year has helped me to realize that it’s not so much the degree and consistency in which I write my posts that is the most important, but rather the fact that I’m getting my voice out there in the first place. As a woman and as a feminist, I’ve come to realize that opinions from people like myself aren’t exactly the norm when it comes to movie-blogging. Women are making movies all the time, yet the overall accessibility of movies toward large audiences remains a comfort that men statistically possess overwhelmingly. Now that I’ve started to incorporate music into my blog, I’ve been learning more about how the music industry also mirrors this in its own chauvinistic tendencies. In a way, simply not being a man and getting my voice out feels almost like a form of social protest against this male-dominated norm. Sure, there are most likely many other woman media bloggers out there who are much better at navigating these spheres, but I’m always glad to contribute to this discussion any which way I can.

Now that I’m doing this new series on the Billboard Hot 100, I hope to update the blog more frequently; I’m hoping for a weekly minimum, since fifty-seven years of these lists equal out to a lot of songs to cover. My monthly themes in movie-watching are also still going on, although as of now I’m unsure about how long I’ll be continuing it for. At this point, it’s mostly set up as an incentive for me to watch certain films I would’ve put off otherwise; they’re not really a huge part of my blog until I do my monthly recap posts. On that note, the recap posts will still continue, as I have a lot of fun doing those and it’s been the most efficient way to catalog what I watch per month/year. I do wish I would’ve had the time to write up a post of my top new viewings of 2014, as well as my top 2014 releases, as I made corresponding posts for 2013 about a year ago which were really enjoyable and gained me a lot of hits. Perhaps I’ll still end up writing those posts after all, albeit a few months too late.

I’ve got a few more posts currently saved as drafts that should be ready to get posted in a few days or so. This includes the post for the Hot 100 of 1958, as well as the 60s James Bond post that I’ve been putting off for far too long, so look forward to those popping up soon. To close this post, I’d like to thank everyone who’s stuck around and read all my posts up until now. There are so many others who do what I do so much better than I ever can, yet you all choose to support an amateur blogger as myself in doing what she genuinely enjoys doing. For that, I am so grateful, and know that I am trying my hardest in not letting any of you down. Here’s to another year of movies, music, and other good things!

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