Introducing… Lyzette Talks! (on Jonathan Glazer’s Birth)

So, here’s a little bit of good news.

For a while now, I’ve been putting off launching a podcast that I’ve had swimming in the back of my head for a while. I mainly want it to be on cartoons and animated shows and movies, but a lot of setbacks have prevented me from really making this a real thing. Still, I’m pretty inconsistent with my film writing, as most of my writing these days has been on pop music. Furthermore, I’ve rarely been motivated enough to put out full reviews these days, mainly because I’m tired from work and other outside things, while also already being tied up by my Hot 100 challenge. So here I am, still watching all these movies, but rarely having the time or energy to transfer my viewing experiences into anything substantial.

Luckily, I found a nice compromise to this issue: I’m doing video reviews now! I want to keep them pretty casual for now – just one single take for about ten or eleven minutes on the film(s) I most recently watched. Once I get comfortable, I’ll probably slowly start adding improvements on audio, video, lighting, editing… all that fun stuff.

It should be noted that I am very, very new to something like this. From this video alone, I can already surmise that I need to work on my speech (notably, getting rid of all those damn “umm”s and “like”s), as well as an agreement on the format of the review. I always thought that I’m better at articulating my opinions vocally, but this experience already proves that I was so incorrect.

Anyway, this video is below; it’s on Jonathan Glazer’s sophomore effort Birth. Please give me all the constructive criticism!!


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