Lyzette Talks… In My Skin

Continuing with my goal to give more attention to women directors in the horror genre (see: my Women-Made Horror list on Letterboxd), I gave a watch to Marina de Van’s acclaimed film In My Skin. Watch me stutter and stumble my way through appreciating this one!

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3 Responses to Lyzette Talks… In My Skin

  1. Tombeet says:

    It has been awhile (I think a year or so) since I last came to your sites. Glad that you’re still pretty much active here. This is mostly my rambling really, but for the last few months I’ve decided to join a multi-author anime blog. Since then I really came to appreciate all the efforts it takes to write and talk about something you love. I’m glad as well that you cover female filmakers films and animation, something that I am myself really passionate about. Keep up with your good works!

    About In the Skin, haven’t watch your video yet (sorry! But I prefer to read more), but it’s a confident work and it’s one of few movies that keep make me feel unconfortable in a very good way. What an experience. I would recommend you to check out Raw (2016) whenever it comes out, a debut French cannibal coming of age story by a female filmaker as well. It’s one of the most original voice that I’ve seen this year.

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