One Random Single a Day: “Raw Cuts #3” (2008) by Motor City Drum Ensemble


Today’s random single marks a move from Euro-trance to Euro-house. I’m not nearly as well-versed in electronic dance music as I’d like to be (as probably evident in my “Not Giving Up on Love” review), but with my limited knowledge, it seems that house music comes off the most “party friendly”, so to speak. “Raw Cuts #3” is actually one of a series of five releases put out by producer Danilo Plessow under the Motor City Drum Ensemble moniker. I haven’t listened to any of the other cuts from the series – nor anything else from Plessow, for that manner – but these tracks apparently were and continue to be dance floor staples.

And it’s easy to see how. MCDE actually belongs to a sub-section of house music called deep house, which emphasized more of a jazzier feel than, say, Daft Punk’s offerings. There is this buildup typical of dance music, where samples are layered and layered upon each other, set to the rhythm of a powerful 4/4 beat and dynamic hi-hats. I’m not going to pretend that I know what makes tracks like these “good”, but I’m definitely digging this one tremendously. It’s so easy to get lost in the chilly, nocturnal atmosphere that this so effectively set up from the very beginning. The driving synthesizer riff are funky as all hell, as are the samplings of the anonymous female singer declaring, “I don’t put you down”.

It’s certainly repetitive, as these kinds of productions tend to be, but for music that’s meant to be danced to, I see it more as a weaving of similar parts to make a unique product at the very end. As it stands, the sum of these parts demonstrates a seasoned knowledge of technical ability and a confident understanding of what makes a track simply work. It seems like it would be very easy for these attempts to come off as try-hard or obnoxious, but the general atmosphere of this one is groovy and fun. All I can say, in the end, is that Plessow has surely left a positive, lasting impression on my listener’s brain. Who knows – maybe I’ll even check out some more of his content in the future.

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