One Random Single a Day #8: “Don’t You Want to Be in a Cult” (2009) by Black Moth Super Rainbow


Time to get weird! Somehow, though, I never really thought to look up Black Moth Super Rainbow’s stuff, up until this very day (I’m really terrible with that). The group formed in the early parts of the 2000s as a union between musicians with such bizarre names as Tobacco, Power Pill Fist, and The Seven Fields of Aphelion. The best descriptor of their sound would go under the neo-psychedelia umbrella, which also includes the likes of bands Flaming Lips and Animal Collective. While I am pretty unfamiliar with Black Moth Super Rainbow itself, I was a pretty big fan of Tobacco’s solo project Maniac Meat around my last year of high school and first year of college. It’s a grimy, dirty slice of truly fucked-up psychedelic sounds mish-mashed together with the help of a prominent vocoder, growling basslines, and Tobacco’s slithery vocals. In comparison. “Don’t You Want to Be in a Cult” is completely instrumental.

This may sound a little bizarre, but this track reminds me of Barry White. In particular, the harpsichord-sounding instrument that backs pretty much the whole track has a similar sound and rhythm as that of White’s “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up”. Needless to say, though, it’s not quite as sexy, but instead demonstrates a more chillout vibe, pretty much intent on capturing the dreamy sensations of a drug trip. This is even more pronounced in “Feel the Drip”, the single’s B-side, with its more downbeat layering of spacey electronic sounds coming together to form something almost otherworldly in nature – or I imagined it would be, if the listener were under the influence of psychedelic substances.

I truthfully don’t really have much to say about this single beyond these points. It’s a very pleasant instrumental, with its eccentric layering of electronic tunes and melodies to create a rather ethereal atmosphere. The vocoder is a nice touch to briefly (but gently) harsh the waters of the track’s smooth sonic vibes, and the melody hook – well, I’m not too sure what it is, but it certainly sounds like a looping, distorted vocal sample of some sort, maybe a woman’s voice. In any case, it’s bizarrely beautiful and further helps to give the recording a truly unique sound of its own. This seems like an excellent song to go driving to on a hot, sunny day – and also a great song to listen to alone in your bedroom, after smoking a whole bunch of weed.

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