One Random Single a Day #78: “Inner Disbelief” (2009) by dBridge

Oh geez… I’m going to keep this one short because I’m actually pretty clueless on how to talk about drum and bass as a whole and I really don’t want to make myself look like a fool. Also, I’ve got about five other reviews to catch up to at this point, so I’m not going to dilly-dally on the uninteresting stuff.

dBridge is the conception of English producer Darren White, whose career has stretched back all the way to the early 90s, when drum and bass was still up and coming. He has released one full length album thus far, that being 2008’s The Gemini Principle, but has nonetheless remained pretty relevant and active in the techno and house scenes ever since. He is an important name in the genre and scene known as Minimal Drum and Bass, which pretty much captures the essence of the jungle drums and pounding rhythms of drum and bass, with production stripped down to as minimalist and empty as possible while still retaining its general groove and production tendencies.

I’ve listened to “Inner Disbelief” a couple times and… yeah, it pretty much captures this brief description of minimal drum and bass to a tee. Instrumentally, apart from a few sparse pianos and some consistent percussion clicks and pounds, there’s really not much else going on there. With the piano and the R&B vocals that come in a bit later, though, I am reminded of 90s and 2000s house music, much of which heavily possess these very trademarks. Unlike house music, however, it’s very unlikely you’d see me dancing along to a track such as this – the production simply invites more of a listening experience, rather than one that is felt by the whole body.

I really don’t have much else to say about this one. I guess I like it, but you’d also probably find me listening to a million other electronic/dance tracks before I’d give this one a spin. I’m sure there’s some real genius going on in these compositions from dBridge – I just highly doubt that I’m the one who’s going to parse them out any time soon. (I’m sorry this review is bad; I am tired and want to catch up on this challenge already!!)

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