A Brief Note on Rockin’ Thru the Aughts

Rockin’ Thru the Aughts is my revisit through the rock music I loved as a preteen and teenager. For a full list of what I will be covering (and have already covered) on this challenge, head over here.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the relatively long wait on the ninth and final post on the year 2000 in rock albums. I’ve been busy with a bunch of real life stuff, but rest assured that I am working on it, slowly but surely. I hope to have it completely finished by Thursday August 2nd, at which point I will be taking a train back home for about a week. But in case I don’t, it shouldn’t take too much longer after that point.

Actually, I should have probably started this post by thanking anyone and everyone who has followed this project thus far. I embarked on this challenge after relistening to a bunch of tracks from some of my favorite bands in high school (Brand New, My Chemical Romance, etc.). It came from a nostalgic ache over how good and meaningful so much of this music was, as well as despair over how few examples of similar stuff we have nowadays. I haven’t even gotten to the true meat of the project, which will come around 2003, but just listening through what the year 2000 had to offer is enough to happily lament this era (as incoherent as that sounds). I haven’t gotten much feedback from many folks thus far, but pretty much all the reactions I’ve received have been overwhelmingly positive, which just makes this experience all the more fruitful. I sincerely appreciate it!

As much as I enjoy listening to all these albums, though, I can’t ignore that I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew. This isn’t unusual for me, of course – I have a tendency to take on multiple huge projects at a time, ones that take me quite a while to even get a good dent in. I guess it’s the workaholic in me. I definitely knew ahead of time that I would be spending a good deal of time on Rockin’ Thru the Aughts, especially once I tallied up the total number of albums to well over a thousand! And as I mentioned before, so far this project has been a whole lot of fun and an overwhelmingly great experience – I would certainly be willing to power through a thousand albums if the remainder were even half as enjoyable as the list has been thus far.

Still… I’ve got to be realistic. On top of this project, I am also working on listening to every song that has ever reached number-one in the US. Additionally, I’ve got my year-end Hot 100 challenge, where I go through the top 100 songs year by year. I’ve also been considering bringing back One Random Single a Day – though in the current state of things, to do so would be overwhelming if not absolutely impossible. In other words, I am swamped. And even though I was already hard at work on the other projects, I feel even more overwhelmed working on Rockin’ Thru the Aughts than any of the others. Maybe it’s the added pressure I’ve placed upon myself to try to churn out one post a week – or maybe it’s the need I feel to write more about the albums that interest me the most, and then doing that over and over again through the course of the week. It’s gotten slightly monotonous at this point – which is what I was afraid of happening.

But the most unfortunate side effect of this challenge – and one that I honestly did not foresee happening – is that I’ve fallen ridiculously behind on movies this year. 2018 was supposed to be the year that I would watch at least 400 new-to-me films, with at least a quarter of those directed by women. It was to be the year I would go the cinema at least once a week, especially supporting films by women and POC. I would attend special screenings and festivals more often and write more about these films on this site to build some more clout to my name and get more acquainted with the film community. So far, I’m approaching failure on every count. In particular, July has been the most pathetic movie-watching month I’ve had in a long, long, long time. When the only film-related endeavor I can say I’ve accomplished this month is finally getting through the Twilight saga… you know it’s bad.

This is all to say that, sadly, I’ve decided that Rockin’ Thru the Aughts must take a hiatus for quite a while. This is something that greatly interests me, but with what I’ve had to sacrifice thus far, it hasn’t been completely satisfying. I must clarify that I do plan on continuing it eventually – but for a few months at least, there will be no new posts from the project after I finish the year 2000 (which will be accomplished after this next post).

Now, how long should this absence be expected? Well, it all depends on how much work I get done on the other avenues I wish to catch up with. First and foremost, I need to catch up with films that have come out in 2018 so far. I usually reserve the months of December and January for my catch-up time, but seeing how far I’ve fallen behind on new releases, it would be wise to make more of an effort this time. I am pretty much caught up with new music releases, so I’m planning on re-focusing my energies to the film output in 2018.

Additionally, I’ve found that I’m moving so slow on my two other challenges – the Billboard Hot 100 challenge and Every Hot 100 Number-One Single – so I’ll be putting out more stuff from these two avenues in the upcoming months. My progress on the former is the most frustrating, since I completed the 1980 overview back in late November 2016, and almost two years later have just barely broke through the second half of the decade. I’m already a good way through the top 100 songs of 1986, so expect that one sometime soon – but I don’t think Rockin’ Thru the Aughts will be making a comeback until I’ve reached the 1990s at least. For my Number-One Singles project, it fares a bit better – I’ve accomplished thirty-eight reviews to date, which is still just a tiny fraction of what I have yet to cover. But since these reviews take considerably less time to finish, I’ll say that I hope to publish around 100 reviews before the return of Rockin’ Thru the Aughts. I hope that having more time to get around to these will result in a more frequent output of these.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. I’m very proud of the direction that this site has taken thus far and I know that there’s potential for so much more in the future. Rechanneling my energies, at least temporary, seems like the most logical way for these to occur. I will also say, though, that the time I had been using for movies has lately been used for watching a whole bunch of anime series – so that could maybe find some use on this site for that? It all depends on how much time, energy, and willpower I have, as well as various real-life and health-related issues I’ve gotta keep an eye on. In any case, if you read this all the way through, thanks so much for your continued support! I hope to make this small site into something bigger born from true growth and ongoing commitment.

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